February 6, 2011

"Got a secret. Can you keep it?"

If you have ever seen an episode of Pretty Little Liars you may know that the title of my post comes from the show's theme song which you can listen to on youtube here.

That said, I do have a secret: I didn't wear this today. Actually I didn't even change out of my pajamas today. Oops. Some fashionista I'm turning out to be.

I wore this outfit over the summer to go to the doctor, but I still love it because it is one of my first attempts at pattern mixing. If you shop at Loft you may recognize the skirt and the blouse. I fell in love with the combination of the two patterns on the model and ordered both pieces. It took a while before I had the courage to wear them together, but I like the way the gray button down ties the look together and makes the pattern mixing look intentional. I felt funky yet put together in this outfit. Maybe I'll wear it again when school starts...

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