February 13, 2011

Wardrobe Wish List Weekend

I am forever seeing other bloggers wearing amazing outfits and it used to fill me with outfit envy. I would see an outfit and immediately want every single piece the blogger was wearing. If I had unlimited funds at my disposal my outfit envy would not be a problem. As it is, I am a soon to be student who is trying to save her money and it simply is not feasible for me to go out and buy every item I want no matter how great it looked on another blogger and no matter how well I think it will fit into my wardrobe. Instead of falling victim to outfit envy time and time again I have started a wardrobe wish list and when I see an amazing piece that I desperately want I add it to my list. Most of the time one of two things happens with the items that go on my list. 1) I realize after a while that I don't really need or even want an item and I can remove it from my list or 2) I realize that as much as I love that $150 J. Crew shirt I can buy a  similar and equally nice shirt for 1/3 of the price if I just shop around. Here are a few things I have been looking for lately:

1. Floaty cardigans like this one from New York & Company

2. A chambray shirt like this one from J. Crew Factory Store.

3. A striped tee like this one from J. Crew

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