April 2, 2011

Egg and Olive Oil Hair Mask Tutorialette

Around this time last year I got interested in the idea of natural hair care. I was really sick at the time and I hadn't felt up to taking care of my hair in months. It was starting to get damaged and I thought that a hair mask every now and then might help it start to grow again or at least stop it from getting more damaged and breaking off. I didn't want to put any additional chemicals on my hair so I started googling natural hair care and came across a recipe for an egg, olive oil, and mayonnaise hair mask. The mayonnaise contains eggs and oil which is beneficial to your hair, but unfortunately when I did this mask a few weeks ago we didn't have any mayonnaise in the house so I ended up using conditioner as a base to make the mask creamy along with the egg and olive oil from the original version. 

You Will Need:
1 Egg
1/2-3/4 cup of conditioner or mayonnaise (depending on hair length)
1-2 tablespoons of olive oil

Note that these measurements are approximate. If you have really long hair you might want to double or even triple this recipe. If you have shorter hair, you may want to use less conditioner. Eyeball it and decide what will work for you. Also note that I used this mask as a pre-shampoo treatment on my relaxed African American hair. I can only attest to its effectiveness on my hair, but hopefully it will work for others too! 

To make the mask you should crack your egg into a small bowl or container, add the conditioner and olive oil, and beat it into submission. Kidding. Sort of. It will look like this when you are done:

Once the mixture is well combined, apply it to dry hair and go about your business for fifteen minutes or so. If you're cool like me you can put your hair in Princess Leia buns and take pictures of yourself in the downstairs bathroom. 

Once the mask has had time to work its magic, rinse it out of your hair with lukewarm water. Don't use hot water because it might cook the eggs. Ignore this advice at your own risk. Once you have most of the mixture out of your hair shampoo and style as usual. If all goes well your hair will turn out shiny and healthy looking. Here's what mine looked like after I straightened it:

The End

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