August 29, 2011

"In order to be a veteran first you gotta be a beginner, but if you keep on pushing you can be a winner."

Top: Old Navy?
Skirt: Loft (via Ebay)
Cardigan: Loft
Belt: Ebay
Sandals: Old Navy (met an untimely end, sadly)
Bracelets: Gifted
Earrings: Laila Rowe

Last week got a little crazy. I didn't get much sleep and I hardly had any time to do the things that I wanted to do for myself. It left me feeling drained and desperate for the weekend to come. I realized that law school or not, some parts of my life are nonnegotiable so this week I'm making better choices. I made time to exercise this morning and I plan to keep doing so in the future. Additionally, I'm going to eat better and get more sleep. I stopped by the grocery store yesterday and spent a long time choosing fresh fruit for snacks. I still don't have enough free time to cook everyday so I stocked up on healthy frozen meals so that even when I can't cook I will actually eat a healthy diet complete with vegetables. All of these things are baby steps, but when I got to class this morning I already felt better and more alert. I'm hoping that as time goes on I'll figure out more ways to reconcile my crazy schedule with the other parts of my life.

*Title from "Winner" by Coolio.

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