November 5, 2011

"Paranoia ain't the way to live your life from day to day."

Tunic: Old Navy
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeggings: Hue
Scarf: Old Navy
Shoes: Primark (London)

My morning class was optional yesterday so I let the fates decide whether or not I should go. I turned off my alarm and went to bed and decided that if I woke up in time to get ready I would go to the optional class. Unfortunately the optional class didn't happen. I woke up later than I have gotten to wake up on any Friday since starting law school, had a leisurely breakfast, did my reading for Contracts, and threw on something comfortable to head to school after lunch. It will probably be the last leisurely day I get before finals and you better believe I enjoyed it!

*Title from "Space Cowboy" by NSYNC.

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