November 7, 2011


Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Thrifted
Boots: Old

Full disclosure: This is my take on a look I saw over at Orchid Grey. I don't own any shoes as fabulous as hers (and probably couldn't walk in them even if I did) but I thought I would share my version of her amazing outfit anyway. I always feel weird when my outfit is inspired by another blogger. I blame it on law school. Pretty much everything you write in the legal world needs to have a citation and I think I've carried that requirement over into my blog. I'm okay with that, though. For the next three years, law school is my life and I will be learning a whole new way to think about and see the world. I'll promise not to bore anyone with detailed posts about classes if you'll promise not to yell at me when I make legal jokes that are probably only funny when you're in law school. Deal? 

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