March 9, 2012

"I hear the criticism loud and clear. That is how I know that the time is near."

One of my aunts gave me this leather vest a few years ago for Christmas and I never wore it because it wasn't really my thing.  I'm still not edgy enough to pull it off, but I am more sartorially adventurous than my pre-blog self so I decided to give the vest a chance.  I tied my dress up in the back so that it was more of a tunic and paired it with the leather vest and a few accessories.  It's not the most "me" outfit, but I don't think the fashion police would lock me up for this particular effort. 

Dress: Old Navy
Jeggings: Hue
Vest: Thrifted
Scarf: Primark (London)
Belt: Ebay
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bracelets: Gifted
Earrings: Forever 21

*Title from "Fly" by Nicki Minaj.

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