April 27, 2011

"I thought I'd reached the end. Baby that was then, but I am made of more than my yesterdays."

This dress and I are frenemies. It was a hand me down from one of my aunts back in college and while I like the print, the long length and voluminous skirt don't do my short, curvy frame any favors. I've been seeing some of my favorite bloggers wearing maxi dresses lately so I thought I would pull this dress out and give it another chance. I tried it with both a wide and a skinny belt and ended up wearing the wide one. I think I might have liked this outfit better with sandals, but with the way it has been raining in my area lately I could build an ark in my backyard and my neighbors would probably start buying seats. There will be boots in abundance for the time being. All of my other footwear is afraid of the rain...

Dress: Hand Me Down
Jacket: Loft
Belt: Ebay
Earrings: Ebay
Boots: Bandolino via discount shoe store

*Title from "This Is My Now" by Jordin Sparks.

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