June 25, 2011

"I found a way to be everything I've dreamed of and I know it's in me that I will become who I want to be."

Top: New York & Company
Skirt: International Concepts
Belt: New York & Company
Cardigan: Target via Ebay
Shoes: Old Navy
Earrings: Forever 21
Bracelets: Gifted

I know it sounds silly, but I can't get used to seeing these shoes on my feet. They're comfortable and I really like the idea of their snakeskin print, but I am so used to wearing bronze and cognac shoes that it is weird to see myself in shoes that don't match my skin. That said, I like how this outfit turned out. My cardigan is another of my ebay purchases and this was the first time I have worn it. I'm still honing my pattern mixing skills, but I think the colors in the shoes and the cardigan played nicely together. 

I'm a few days off on my outfit posts. I wore this several days ago and I'm still two outfits behind. No worries, though. I'm sure I'll catch up soon. I have had an exhausting week and even though it's Saturday I had to get up early and work at a special event. Tomorrow I have no intention of doing much of anything. There will be lots of napping and perhaps an afternoon walk if the weather channel's 81 degree temperatures arrive as planned. We'll see how that one works out. I'm not saying I am missing the 90+ degree temperatures we get back home, but I have come to expect summer to feel like summer and it was so cold today I could have used a light winter coat!

*Title from "Something Special" by Colbie Caillat.

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