July 18, 2011

"Mine, said the paper, mine are the words that smother the stone with imagined birds..."

Dress: New York & Company
Cardigan: Target via Ebay
Belt: Ebay
Shoes: Old Navy
Earrings: Forever 21

Living in a city means that you do a lot of walking and since I left my iPod at home all that walking means that I do a lot of thinking. Lately I've been thinking about the differences between city life and country life and here is what I have seen to be true of cities: In cities people move too fast and stand too close. You are constantly surrounded by people, but somehow all of that humanity makes a person anonymous in a way that people in the country never can be. The city is full of smells too. Some of them are delicious like the smell of vibrant spices that are unfamiliar to my senses. Some of them are vile like the smell of garbage on my morning walk. The smells are joined by the sounds of the city, a constant stream of sound in the background of my life. Here a crying child, there a wailing siren, the ring of a cell phone in the crowd and the sound of a thousand feet on the pavement and a thousand tires in the street. That's the London I know and the one that I will carry away in memory. This place has not always given me what I wanted, but it has mostly been all that I need and while I was never here to stay this city has, for a time, been my home.

*Title from "Song of the Powers" by David Mason.

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