July 2, 2011

"We always said we'd see the orchids down in Rio, the cherry blossoms out in Tokyo."

Shirt: Old Navy
Cami: Gap
Skirt: International Concepts
Jacket: Old Navy via Ebay
Sash: came with a dress
Shoes: Old Navy
Earrings: Forever 21

I know that London is a city and I shouldn't be surprised when I have weird experiences on the street, but I've only been here a couple of weeks and I kind of feel like I'm a magnet for crazy people. One Friday morning I was walking down the street and this man stopped me to tell me not to worry because I was blessed. It was a weird thing to say so I started backing away and he told me that he was a fortune teller and assured me that I was "close to God." He seemed intent on keeping this conversation going, but I was creeped out so I told him I was late and walked away as quickly as I could. A few days later I was on the same street and this skinny guy with a pointy beard and one of those neon yellow safety vests stopped me and told me I had "a strong spirit." He wanted to know where I was from so I told him "America" and kept walking. Not long after that encounter an advertiser dressed in a banana suit gave me a coupon for a free smoothie with a sandwich purchase. I was beginning to think it was time to avoid that street when I walked past a woman in a popular shopping area shouting a sermon to annoyed passersby who clearly just wanted to make their purchases and go home. In the course of a few weeks I have gone from completely creeped out by these encounters to cautiously amused. I can't seem to hide from the crazy, so I think my best bet may be to laugh it off but make sure that no one follows me home. 

*Title from "Flowers On My Window Ledge" by Rissi Palmer.

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