August 8, 2011

"It's like you're the swingset and I'm the kid that falls."

Shirt: Primark
Skirt: International Concepts
Cardigan: Target via Ebay
Belt: Ebay
Shoes: Primark
Necklace: Forever 21 
Bracelet: Forever 21

I have been at home for a couple of nights now and I'm still trying to make peace with my jet lagged body. I woke up at about 2 AM this morning after falling asleep at about 6 PM last night. It would have been time for breakfast in London and my stomach wasn't having any of this "it's in the middle of the night and it's not time to eat yet business."I was wide awake at that point so I made a sandwich and started watching the Big Brother episodes I missed while I was gone. Thank God for online television. Otherwise I would have spent those hours watching infomercials and growing obsessed with products I don't need and can't currently afford.

*Title from "I Don't Believe You" by Pink.

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