September 20, 2011

"I'd let you be if you put down your blazing gun."

Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Forever 21+
Jacket: Old Navy
Scarf: Camden Market (London)
Bracelet: Primark (London)
Boots: Target via discount shoe store

I don't have a tv in my apartment. I thought having one would be a distraction at a time when I really need to focus on studying and I was 100% okay with that until I realized that the season premiere of Glee is tonight and I won't be able to watch it until it's available online. Which will not be tonight at 7 PM central like it will be for everyone with cable.  I'm a little bit sad about it and I'm currently baking vegan brownies to make myself feel better about it because I make great life choices like that, but it's still kind of a bummer that I can't Gleek out tonight like all the other Glee fans out there. Nobody tell me what happens because sadly I won't be watching it until tomorrow :(

*Title from "If I Never See Your Face Again" by Maroon 5.

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