November 19, 2011

For God, for Country, and for Yale

(The Game, 2010)

I am in no way a fanatical sports fan, but the one football game I care about is the annual showdown between Yale and Harvard, a game so epic that students and alumni of both schools refer to it simply as "The Game."  The 2011 Yale Harvard Game is today. For the first time since graduating in 2009 I will not be in the stands cheering on my alma mater, but that will not stop me from showing some blatant team spirit on ye old blog. I'll be sending all my hopes to New Haven for a win today. Go Yale!

Bull-dog! Bull-dog! Bow wow wow, Eli Yale!
Bull-dog! Bull-dog! Bow wow wow, our team will never fail!
When the sons of Eli break through the line, that is the sign we hail.
Bull-dog! Bull-dog Bow wow wow, Eli Yale!

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