March 24, 2011

"Once when I was younger in the bloom of youth I received an honest answer when I lie would do."

I was looking back through this week's pictures and I noticed something. Most of my outfits this week had pockets. Monday's brown skirt? That had pockets. Tuesday's shirt dress? That had pockets too. Today's dress? It has pockets that I didn't even realize were there until this afternoon. It would have been amazing if I had accidentally worn pockets all week, but sadly there were no pockets involved in yesterday's outfit and I probably won't have pockets tomorrow either. I might, however, be attempting some more pattern mixing tomorrow and that is something I did do in yesterday's outfit

What you can't tell from these pictures is that this dress has spectacularly huge sleeves. I'm talking weird 80's dress with shoulder pads poofy and I used to hate that about it. But then today I tried putting a cardigan over it and BAM! This is an outfit that I like! I did have to bust out the leggings and scarves again since our perfect 75 degree temperatures have evaporated only to be replaced by 40 degree rainy weather that is no friend to me or my hair.  It's cool, though (giggle, that's funny!) It will be hot in the Bluegrass State soon enough so I'm going to enjoy my scarves while I can.

Dress: Laundry (gifted)
Cardigan: Loft via Ebay
Sash: from another blouse
Scarf: Ann Taylor (hand me down)
Leggings: Gap
Boots: Steve Madden

*Title from "Thinking of You" by Tracy Chapman.

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