September 29, 2011

"You said there's tons of fish in the water so the waters I will test."

Dress: Old Navy
Cami: Forever 21+
Jacket: Loft
Scarf: Thrifted
Belt: Ebay
Shoes: Old Navy

This scarf is one of the gems I found during my recent foray into the wonderful world of thrifting. I need to find a better way of tying it, but even with my novice efforts it added a much needed pop of color to this simple $7 dress from Old Navy (trust me when I say that sales are your friend.) I wore these shoes the last time I wore this dress too and I debated going with black flats to match my cami and belt, but I liked the extra pop of color so I stuck with it. I spend most of my days reading and sitting in class  so this outfit was exactly what I needed: comfortable in cold classrooms and cheerful enough to keep me smiling all day :) 

*Title from "Thinking of You" by Katy Perry.

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