March 19, 2011

"Sweet Tarts, Ring Pops, had that candy bling"

I never remember to do jewelry shots when I am taking my outfit photos so I thought I would do a quick post about the inexpensive jewelry I have bought recently. No biggie, right? I have been doing outfit pictures five days a week or more so how hard can it possibly be to take jewelry photos? Apparently it can be a major trip on the struggle bus because I have come out on the other side of this endeavor with a newfound respect for people who photograph jewelry and other small things. I knew I would have to learn more about digital photography to make such a photo heavy blog work, but I never knew that jewelry shots would be this complicated! The flash made the jewelry look funny, but I couldn't find a good place to take indoor jewelry photos with good lighting. I finally settled on this plant, but my earrings kept wanting to slide down the stems into the potting soil. Some of the images came out blurry and the necklace photo looks really goofy because I wanted to show it hanging up against one of my yellow coats, but I couldn't get the beads to cooperate without pinning them up with the only things handy: a clothespin and a bobby pin I found under the bed in my sitting room. I guess I could have found somewhere else to photograph the necklace, but I'm lazy like that, so consider this as fair warning that these pictures come as is.

I bought these for $1.50 at Forever 21 and I have worn them twice so far (Pictures below, or check out the full posts here and here for outfit details.)

These are also from Forever 21 and also cost me $1.50. Here is how I rocked them on their first outings:

Full posts here and here.

Forever 21 

I originally bought these earrings because I wanted a blue earring to pair with my pink cardigan. I have only worn them once, but I still like them so I may need to find other outfits to tie them into soon.

Forever 21

This is one of the blurry images I mentioned earlier. I'll probably always wish I had taken a better photo. Everyone has regrets.

You know the drill. Links here and here.

New York & Company

I mentioned this necklace in this post. New York & Company's picture is for sure better than my picture. It looks superb on that headless neck with breasts thing, but I thought it looked pretty good on me when I wore it on St. Patrick's Day. Just sayin'...

You can read all about it here

*Title from "Candy Bling by Mariah Carey.

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