April 23, 2011

"I heard you've been missing me. You've been telling people things that you shouldn't be."

One of the reasons I started My Fashion Confession was to track the evolution of my personal style. I wasn't sure what that was going to mean in the beginning, but almost three months into my style blogging adventure I have noticed that blogging has influenced my style as much as my style has influenced my blog.

I thought it might be fun to look back at the highlights from My Fashion Confession's first months so that I can see the type of outfits and items I gravitate towards naturally. In order to do that I am reposting an outfit from each week of this blog's life with links back to the original posts and my commentary on what I will do different from now on. If anyone out there wants to offer their own constructive criticism I would love the feedback! 

I'm starting with this outfit from February 7. I have worn this skirt a few times on my blog and one thing I have learned is that it tends to cling to tights and leggings. I now know that in the colder months when I am wearing my skirts and dresses over leggings I need to wear a slip to keep my skirt from riding up. I don't think I ever would have figured that one out if it weren't for this blog!

I have noticed that I really love the black belt I am wearing in the photo below. I bought it on Ebay right before I started my current job for around $6 and it was $6 well spent. This belt finds its way into multiple outfits on this blog and I imagine it will continue to do so for a long time to come.

For the week of February 20-26 I had two favorite outfits so I went ahead and posted them both. I got the Tommy Hilfiger cherry skirt below on Ebay as well. When I tell people about the items I have purchased on Ebay they always seem surprised, and ask questions about how I know the items will fit and be of good quality. Those are both excellent questions and I have found that if I stick to brands that I am familiar with and compare my bust, waist, and hip measurements with the seller's garment measurements I do pretty well. I have bought a few items on Ebay that didn't work for me, but I usually just turn around and sell them again. Plus, many of the items I get on Ebay are scarves and accessories and I have never had a problem purchasing that type of item. If you are concerned about the quality of an item I recommend checking the seller's ratings and only buying from sellers who have ten or more ratings from buyers. Those seller ratings will give you an idea of what kind of merchant you're dealing with. If a seller has a bunch of negative ratings, don't buy from them. I have found most Ebay sellers to be honest and helpful and hopefully others will too.

I like the outfit above for its fun ruffly shirt and cute skirt, and I like the outfit below because it felt crisp and put together. One outfit is girly and the other is structured, but I like them both.

The thing that I like about the outfit below is the crisp white of the shirt and cardigan. I don't think I look bad in that pair of trousers, but I think that pants emphasize my hips more than skirts do and I'm not sure if that is these pants in particular or pants in general. I might revisit this issue a bit more once I'm back in school since I'll have more opportunities to put together outfits with casual pants. For now I think I'll continue to favor skirts over trousers for work. 

Things just fell into place with the outfit below. It was raining that day and my curls were drooping, but in a good way and I felt pretty in that dress. I had also just gotten a few pairs of cheap earrings at Forever 21 with my birthday money and I was having fun wearing all the different pairs with my outfits that week.

The outfit below was one of my first attempts at copying a catalog picture. The outfit below is really similar to the one the model wore on Loft's website. I was really happy to know that I could make the same outfit work for my curvier body.

The thing I loved about the outfit below is the pattern mixing of the belt and the dress. It was one of my first attempts and I was and still am excited that the outfit worked.

With the outfit below it was all about color and pattern. I am rapidly learning that I love a great print and that a bright color always makes me happy.

The thing I love about the outfit below is the sunny yellow cardigan. I like the way that yellow looks against my skin and I am always on the lookout for cute yellow items for that reason.

With the outfit below I was just surprised at how much I liked that khaki trench with that little polka dot dress. I have had that dress for ages, but wearing it with that jacket made it feel fresh and new.

Last but not least is last week's outfit. I wore my hair in a messy side bun with curly tendrils framing my face in front. I don't wear my hair up very often, but I thought this ended up being cute and I want to try that dress with other belts,  cardigans, and shoes.

Now that I see all of my favorite outfits lined up there are definitely a few patterns. I wear a lot of boots and cardigans in cold and rainy months, and most of my favorite outfits involve vibrant colors. Almost all of my outfits involved a belt and I definitely like the more recent outfits better because I prefer how I look in contacts to how I look in glasses. I like my hair straight and curly for different reasons. It's definitely faster to straighten my hair, but the curls are a bit lower maintenance once they have set. I think I'll continue to alternate between the two since I like them pretty equally. I'm kind of glad that I did this post since it will give me some things to ponder when I am picking my outfits in the next few weeks. Maybe in another three months I'll do another post like this so I can see what my summer style is like...

*Title from "Rumor Has It" by Adele.

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